Authorship Approaching

Welcome to my writing blog!  This site will be dedicated to a writing project of mine, one that I have been carrying around with me since I was fifteen, and I look forward to sharing it with the world!  Finally!  There have been so many revisions and rewrites the story grew into more of a daunting task than an enjoyable past time.  At fifteen, I was a loner (I’ll gladly admit it) who didn’t interact with the world until I was a few years older and by then I was pretty deep into college with no time for myself, let alone creative writing.

Over the last ten years, my life experiences has changed who I am as a person, as life has a tendency to do, and now find myself wanting to approach my story from a different perspective.  Re-reading my teenage writings, I realised that I wrote as an outsider, someone who was merely recounting what they saw rather than expressing the true emotions of the events unfolding.  But, I also found myself fighting through ever growing weeds of disjointed sentences, forced experiences, and lifeless dialogue that made me cringe.

That is why I have decided to share my creative journey and process here with you.  I’ve shown things to a trusted few, but have never allowed myself to be exposed to feedback/reviews because I’ve been too afraid of what I’d be told.  But how am I to grow if I don’t know what mistakes I am making?

So, a year ago I made the decision to delete the past.  A true fresh slate.

It was bittersweet.  While it hurt my heart to see all of my old work disappear with one simple click of a button, it was invigorating, like I had just defragged my writer’s block.  My brain began to buzz with deliciously fresh ideas that I hadn’t been able to conceive of before because it had been bogged down by the old fragments.

My novel doesn’t have an official title yet, I’m still trying to nail that down, but its working, or reference, title is Darkness Falls (no relation to the early 00s movie).  Titles are always a tricky thing, especially as you keep working the story and it slowly falls together.  What you thought would convey your message in the beginning may no longer attribute to the whole pie and doesn’t make sense.  So, without giving too much away (then what would the point be in this blog?!), it is a Vampire novel with a minority female protagonist seeking revenge and redemption upon the man who made her immortal life a living nightmare.

I’m currently in the process of building primary/secondary character profiles and writing a few excerpts regarding those characters in an attempt to get a better handle on how they are all interconnected.  Last time I put the cart before the horse.  I didn’t spend enough time fleshing out my characters or the world they inhabited.  I knew the situations and the prophecies I wanted fulfilled, but I didn’t understand how to make it happen.  This time, I don’t intend to make the same mistake!




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