Writer’s Log: Stardate 95001.79

It’s been two weeks since my last post!  I took my own advice and have been spending about four to six hours (if not more) a day writing, regardless of whether or not it’s “good” or how many pages (if any) were written.  Having never completed an entire draft of my story, I knew this was going to be one of my greatest challenges to face:  My OCD.

I don’t write rough drafts.  It’s actually rather hard for me to “freestyle” due to my brain’s constant demand for perfection because of the procrastinating behaviour I picked up during my college days.  I rarely did my homework on time.  Usually, my essays were written within a night or the span of a couple of hours, demanding relatively high focus on overarching theories and applying analytical constructs to some pretty deep shit.  But rarely did I plan a week ahead of schedule, and I always got stupendously high marks on them, which didn’t help to motivate me to do my homework any earlier.

Slowing down the writing process and forcing myself to work on chunks at a time has been a nice breath of fresh air.  Admittedly, I still find myself going back through and editing the pages I’ve produced as if its about to be graded, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  But its kept the gears from grinding.  I get too caught up in the grammatical structures, in what perfect word could be used in place of some boring adverb, how clean my paragraphs look.  Then I find that four hours has passed and all I’ve done for the day was change a period to a comma and then back to a period.  Whoop-dee-fucking-do.

That is all stuff that can reasonably wait on the back burner until I’ve managed to pump out a rough draft, or at least when I’ve managed to produce more than fourteen pages, two chapters respectively.  That’s what a rough draft is meant for.  To air the dirtiest parts of your story, get your thoughts out on to the paper, and then have someone go, “Hey, did you mean to do this?  Cuz, that doesn’t make any sense.”  Otherwise, I’ll be sitting here for another ten years still editing the same damn pages with nothing else to show.

I hope to have Chapter 2 finished by this evening, if not by the end of the weekend.  I’ve been splitting my time recently between writing and building a website for my small photography business, which was more time consuming than I had imagined.  But with the website’s foundation finally built, I can comfortably step away from the site for a moment and return to my story.

My goal from here on out is to produce a chapter a week and to have a complete rough draft ready by end of August, perhaps end of September.  With summertime upon us, I know I’ll have long, hot days to look forward to, with nothing else to do but sit in front of my air conditioner and type.

Once I’ve gotten a bit more written, I would like to release the chapters I’ve finished on a weekly basis though this blog (eek!!).  Hopefully I can keep to my promise of producing a chapter a week, lol.  Perhaps this will be the motivation I need to finish this story and get it on its way to publication!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: Stardate 95001.79

  1. Your artistry with words rivals your natural eye for a balanced photograph. You are my inspiration dear daughter!


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