Writer’s Log: Authorship, Prepare to be Boarded

A reader of mine asked a day or so ago, ‘how’s it going?’ and for the first time in years I felt like I could honestly answer that question.

Right now, it’s the bee’s knees!

At the end of this month I shall be attending my first writer’s conference!  It will be in Tacoma, WA, a hop skip and a jump from me.  A writer friend of mine told me about the local conference, and at first I planned on attending next year due to finances.  She let me know that there were scholarship offers available and to give it a try!  What’s the worst that could happen?

So, I took a chance and Lady Luck blew me a big ol’ kiss:  I was awarded the scholarship!

Editors, publishers, and agents from New York will be there, as well as plenty of self-publishing success stories, to answer the plethora of industry related questions that we (the conference attendees) will inevitably have.

This conference will also focus on pitches and critiques, which, again, I’m just so ecstatic to participate in.  I’ve never shown my novel to people outside of my friend’s group.  Even this blog space hasn’t seen an except from the novel, and I started this space so I could!

As of two nights ago, there are now five different people reading and critiquing my 4,000 word manuscript submission.  And I shall be critiquing their’s as well.


But.  AAAAHHHH!!!! In a good way.  I’m terrified to hear what people will have to say about the core aspects of my story, but I’m also giddy to hear what sort of advice people will have.

This month is going to be light on the actual progression of my novel, as I take off time to read and critique my fellow group mates’ work, as well as prepare my work for the conference.  Having only “edited” and never critiqued a body of work, this will be an interesting challenge for me.  Through out my collegiate years, I spent a lot of time editing scientific essays and group project and things of that nature, but never truly critiqued someone and told them, “I like how you did this, but what if you did this?”

Being a very flouncy person, I don’t like to tell other’s how to create their pieces of work.  I’m more Dada-esque, if you will, and more likely to say, “if you call it art, who am I to disagree?”  Then, I usually took critiques as someone saying “yea, you’re alright, but if you did it my way it would be better.”  That is not the case, at least it is not how you should take a critique.  As long as you know you have room to grow, you will always know which lines of advice to listen to and what advice to tune out.

Untill next time…


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